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42 Fiery Facts About Daenerys Targaryen

“I am the blood of the dragon. I must be strong. I must have fire in my eyes when I face them, not tears.”—Daenerys Targaryen in George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords. Daenerys Targaryen is one of the most intriguing and beloved characters in Game of Thrones—or, SPOILER ALERT, at least she ...

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22 Crusading Facts About The Order Of The Knights Templar

The Order of the Knights Templar was founded in 1118 by a French knight named Hugues de Payens. They were a military order of the medieval era whose primary mission was to protect European travelers visiting the Holy Land. For centuries, the collective imagination of the world has been captured ...

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Decadent Facts About The French Monarchy

It’s hard to say what the French Monarchy is more famous for: its legendary decadence or its brutal and violent end. From the days of the extravagant and powerful Sun King, to the French Revolution that saw the centuries-old institution fall, the history of the kings and queens of France ...

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Seductive Facts About History’s Most Powerful Mistresses

Mistresses were an integral part of many powerful unions. For most of recorded history, marriage was all business. Physical and emotional fulfillment could be happy accidents, but they were certainly not prerequisites for wedlock. For such things, a man (and it was mostly men, sorry) had to step outside the ...

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22 Majestic Facts About Hatshepsut, Egypt’s Pharaoh Queen

Known as “the first great woman in history of whom we are informed,” Hatshepsut reigned as Pharaoh of Egypt during the 15th century BC. While she isn’t the first name that comes to people’s minds when they think of Egyptian rulers, Hatshepsut’s legacy is impossible to ignore, and she was ...

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16 Acclaimed Facts About Robert Redford

Maybe you know him from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or maybe you’re a bit younger and know him from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Regardless, Robert Redford has long been one of the most accomplished stars of Hollywood. Whether it was film, television, or theater, Redford’s acting has gained a large audience, ...

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