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China Makes Startling Trump Admission – Jumps On Donald’s MAGA Train, Says America Is The World’s Only Superpower

Donald never thought he would hear these words out of China’s mouth – WOW!

President Trump—unlike some presidents before him—is truly putting America first.

We’ve seen the results. Unemployment is at record lows. Wages are rising. And Americans are thriving.

It wasn’t easy doing this. Trump had to make some hard, and very unpopular, choices. One of those was hitting China with tariffs.

Experts claimed this would damage our economy and our relationship with the communist country.

They fear this “trade war” will lead to our ruin. Not exactly.

Now China is suing the United States over Trump’s unbending staff. But even while trying to undermine us, they one powerful confession slipped out.

From The Hill:

“As the world’s only superpower, it needs to shoulder its due responsibility, and join other countries in making this world a better and more prosperous place. Only then can America become great again,” Xinhua added.

Woah. China is saying America is the “world’s only superpower.” They might have used that phrase to guilt us into bending to their demands.

But the unintentionally admitted the truth. The United States is the world leader in freedom, opportunity, and success.

After all, people haven’t been emigrating to China over the last 100 years, have they?

China has succeeded in recent decades thanks to our business. They are doing well because America has invested in their economy.

It’s only fair and reasonable for President Trump to want to balance out the situation, so American workers can succeed.

China thinks they can guilt us into getting rid of Trump’s tariffs. They want the old situation back, where they undercut our workers with low-cost, poor manufactured goods.

But those days are over.

One thing China got wrong in this statement is that America is already great. Thanks to President Trump’s determination to put us first.

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Source: The Hill

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