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Hillary Clinton 2020 Report Has Trump And Everyone In Total Disbelief

Despite suffering an embarrassing defeat on the national stage in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton refuses to stay out of the spotlight.

And according to a recent report, many are speculating that the twice failed presidential candidate may be gearing up for a third run in 2020.

Clinton has denied that she’s running for president again, but several explosive signs in the past week point to exactly the opposite.

Over the weekend, it was reported that she’s hosting a major fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee at her mansion.

As noted by the American Thinker, Clinton’s home in Washington, D.C., will soon be swarming with Democrats, and some tickets are going as high as $50,000 per person.

In 2016 Hillary bullied and cheated her way to the top of the ticket, saving Democrats from Bernie and his unentitled upstarts. Time for rescue 2.0.

For that she needs to appear to be a moderate. Nut-jobs on her left; no one on her right. It’s me or the loons, folks. 

According to NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin, who’s “convinced” Clinton wants a third go-round, Hillary is trying to be “mother hen to the fledgling activists drawn to politics by their hatred of Trump.” Thus she regurgitates anti-Trump bile pretty much nonstop. No chance she’ll run out. She’s full of it. 

A few days ago, several Democratic aides revealed that Clinton has been working behind the scenes to help 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Clinton and Warren have apparently developed a close political friendship that could be pivotal to deciding the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sources said that Clinton has kept in touch since Warren announced her decision to seek the Democratic nomination back in February.

“Hillary Clinton would absolutely have influence over a number of delegates to this convention,” said Deb Kozikowski, the vice-chairwoman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

There’s talk that Clinton would need to help Warren secure delegates at the DNC convention next summer if one candidate hasn’t distanced themselves as the frontrunner.

One Democratic strategist said Clinton “loves” Warren’s campaign style and the slew of radical, far-left policy proposals she has unveiled.

Some are speculating that Clinton could be running to be Warren’s running mate in what could be an all-woman ticket in 2020.

That’s not all.

Clinton is also preparing to release a new book with her daughter, Chelsea, in October, about the role of woman in politics.

It is almost too easy to see exactly what’s going on here.

Many would agree that it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that Clinton would be going to these lengths to help anyone other than herself.

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  1. Hillary is with the demons and their god Satan. She will be in jail or shot for treason if she is found guilty and she will be found guilty.

    All must know this is all about Satan going against GOD for America and GOD don’t ever lose.

    The Omniscience of God

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