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Ilhan Omar Lands In Deep Trouble – Her ‘Democrat Privilege’ Closet Swings Wide Open

Omar never wanted this to get out – and the media’s helping her hide it!

From Twitter:

Oh, he wasn’t done yet – now it gets good:

Here’s what he said in case you can’t read the tweets: “Imagine if Ilhan Omar were a Republican – She’s committed dozens of apparent campaign finance violations – Her tax documents are riddled with fraud – She’s using campaign funds to pay her illicit lover – There would be calls for impeachment & special counsels! – Democrat privilege!

Kirk ruins Omar with a damning list of what she’s been accused of.

She’s allegedly committed dozens of finance violations, tax fraud, and paid her lover with campaign funds.

Yet Democrats are silent over these allegations.

Hey, remember when the Democrats wanted to impeach Donald Trump over nothing but rumors? Remember when they ruined the life of conservative Judge Kavanaugh over the word of one woman?

Yet here we see one of their own mired in many accusations. And the Left does nothing. Does she have something on them?

Had all this come out over a Republican in Congress, everyone from Nadler to CNN would be calling for their head.

I guess Kirk is right when he claims “Democrat privilege.”

But will the American people sit by and let Omar off the hook? The media won’t say a word about it, so I guess that’s up to you.

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Source: Twitter

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