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Office Employees Share Their Most Outrageous Stories From The Job

For those working their first jobs in retail or the service industry, a cushy office job sounds like the dream! No more working on your feet, maybe get a little online shopping in—oh, someone brought in cake for Susan’s birthday? Amazing! But the sad truth is, those cubicle walls hide some of the worst people in the universe. Whether it’s a scheming coworker or a completely incompetent boss, anyone who has ever worked in an office knows that they can be the site of the some of the pettiest melodrama the world has ever seen. These stories by Redditors make situations from The Office and Horrible Bosses seem like a walk in a park—and are likely relatable to anyone who has ever trudged into an office tower at 8:59 on the dot.

1. Dumb Boss

My boss was trying and trying to save data to a thumb drive and eventually asked me to try on my computer because hers wasn’t recognizing it as a storage device. She gave me the device. It was an external battery pack. This is only one of so many stupid things she’s done. It wouldn’t be so bad if she acknowledged her stupidity or missteps sometimes, but she is too stupid to even realize that her problems are because of her own mistakes.

2. Delicious Cheesecake

Once, at a company party, my coworker grabbed a wedge of Brie cheese and took a bite out of it. I later asked and pointed it out to him and he said, “This cheesecake tastes really weird.”


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3. Knowledge is Power

My boss likes to pretend he’s only making $100K-$200K a year so that the low-level employees don’t ask for more. Meanwhile, he actually makes more than $6M annually. I make more than everyone solely thanks to the fact that I run the books and know how much he actually makes, so I have the leverage to ask for more.


4. Faxing Paper

I worked with a girl who was entitled, and dumb, so we used to mess with her. Once I told her we were out of paper and asked her to call up Office Max and have them fax us over 100 blank sheets, and charge it to our account. Then we watched as she tried for a few minutes to convince the worker to fax us paper. Pretty sure she thinks the only reason it didn’t work is that the guy wouldn’t charge it to our account.


Dumbest Coworker Facts

5. You Needed Me

I work for a company that fixes people’s computer problems. The big secret is that 95% of the time, we just Google the problem and don’t actually have any special skills. Instead of paying us $100 to fix your computer, you could most likely Google the issue yourself and resolve it within the next ten minutes, almost always.


6. Income Info Inequality

Once, instead of receiving my paycheck, I accidentally received a file containing every paycheck for everybody in the company. Thus, I knew how much money everybody was making, what benefits they had, etc. For the record, this included the CEO and upper management.


Deepest Workplace Secrets Facts

7. Moving Through Time

I worked with a developer who couldn’t work out why the result of subtracting a fixed date from today’s date increased by 1 each day. I literally had to tell him that it increases by 1 because we’re moving forward through time…


8. Till Work Do Us Part

I know that my boss is sleeping with the head of HR. They’re both married—and not to each other. Pretty sure I’m not supposed to know this…


9. I’ll Stick to Coffee

I know that our CEO secretly does coke before public speaking—and I don’t mean Diet or Zero.


Deepest Workplace Secrets Facts

10. Work-Life Imbalance

I worked at a cancer nonprofit. We hired a lady who knew about us because her kid had cancer. At one point, my boss wanted me to fire her because she had to come in late or leave early to take her kid to chemo. I refused. Boss said she’d fire me if I didn’t. I told her she could go right ahead. Our CEO said no way.


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11. A New Level of Jerkery

My boss fired the girl who was in her third trimester of pregnancy three days before her maternity leave was to start.


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