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Sharp-Shooting Facts About Steph Curry

After blazing his path as the most renowned shooter in NBA history, Steph Curry requires little introduction. He collects MVP titles like he does points (i.e. quite well). Of course, Curry had more than a little help from his impressive family legacy. Gear up to these 42 killer facts about Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors’ “Baby-Faced Assassin.”

1. Once a Legacy, Always a Legacy

Steph Curry comes from a family of jocks. His father and his younger brother, Seth, are both successful NBA players. The former, his dad Dell Curry, retired back in 2002 as the Charlotte Hornets’ all-time leader in points. Those are big shoes to fill…

Dell Curry

2. Second Time is the Charm

The man who would become known as Steph Curry was born Wardell Stephen Curry II, named after his father, Wardell “Dell” Curry I. Nicknames, like points, run in the family.

3. So Much for Family Loyalty

Steph Curry’s father was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time of Steph’s birth. Ironically, the younger Curry’s Warriors would famously go head-to-head with LeBron James’s Cavaliers in four straight NBA finals.

4. 30 Going on 30

Steph Curry wears the number “30” on his basketball jersey in honor of his dad, Dell Curry. The older athlete also wore the 30 during his own NBA career.

5. If Looks Could Kill

Curry’s combination of youthful looks and shooting proficiency on the court earned him the nickname of “The Baby-Faced Assassin.” And this was during his pre-NBA days.

6. You Have a Point

To date, Steph Curry boasts the highest career free throw percentage (90.5%) in NBA history. He’s played almost exclusively as a point guard.

7. The Knees (Don’t) Have It

Curry was in the running to represent the US at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Unfortunately, he had to drop out due to ankle and knee injuries. Maybe next podium.

8. Stacked Year

The Golden State Warriors selected Curry with the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft. His draft class included other NBA stars such as Blake Griffin, James Harden, and Demar DeRozan. Prior to this pick, the Warriors had only made the playoffs once since the 1993/94 season, but the addition of Curry was the start of big things. Soon, the Golden State team built around Curry would be called one of the best in history.

9. The Right Arm of Love

Curry has several Bible-inspired tattoos. On his right wrist, for example, is Hebrew text which translates to the Corinthians 13:8, “love never fails.” Accordingly, his wife Ayesha matching tattoo under her own right hand.

10. When I Grow Up…

As a child, Steph Curry shot Burger King commercials with his then-superstar athlete father, Dell. In the spot, the younger Curry talks about his own dreams of NBA success. I guess there is truth in advertising.

11. Give the Man His Chick Flicks

Curry liked to watch movies with his sister, Sydel. His favorites? The MaskMajor PayneThe Master of Disguise, and even The Princess Diaries.

12. You Never Forget Your First Love

As Curry grew into his basketball talent (and 6’3″ tall frame), the teenager was aggressively recruited by university scouts for a spot on their teams—just not the elite Division 1 schools. In fact, not a single Division 1 School offered him a scholarship. It wasn’t a tragedy, however—he accepted an offer from Davidson College, who had been courting him since he was in the 10th grade.

13. Here’s the Skinny

The young Steph Curry’s first dream was to play college basketball for the Hokies, the team of his parents’ alma mater at Virginia Tech. His father’s legend earned him some attention, but his slender 160-pound frame squashed his early dreams; Virginia Tech only offered him a walk-on spot (i.e. no scholarship) due to his unimpressive figure. See, even legends have setbacks.

14. It All Evens Out

Curry’s other Bible-themed tattoo was a dual meaning. A greater than symbol sits next to a less than symbol (like “> <”) on his left bicep. This is the mark from John 3:30, where the Bible says, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” In more secular terms, Curry has said this mark reminds him to live in the moment. As with the Corinthians tattoo, his wife Ayesha also had a matching > < on her own body.

15. Little Man, Big Hero

Curry saves a place in his fanboy heart for (1) his dad and (2) the little guy—specifically, Muggsy Bogues. As a child, Bogues was his favorite player to watch (just next to dear old dad, of course). Curry would count to days (and inches) to see how long it took to be as tall as Bogues, who peaked at 5’3” (Curry himself would eventually tower a foot over his idol).

16. Match Made in Heaven

Thank God: Curry met his wife, Toronto, Ontario-born Ayesha Alexander, in a church youth group in Charlotte when they were teens. Only friends in high school, they briefly went their separate ways: Alexander to become an actor in Los Angeles; Curry to do all the things on this list. One day, Curry found himself in Tinseltown for a basketball camp. He rang his old friend up, and they had their first date getting chai lattes on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

17. Oh the Heights You Will Reach

Curry has the fastest jump shot ever recorded in the history of athletic science. In as little as 0.4 seconds after picking up his dribble, Curry can take the shot. For comparison, by the time it would take your average NBA player to even let go of the ball, Curry’s shot is already on its way—12 feet into the sky.

18. Body of a Champion, Face of a Cherub

Take it as a compliment Curry: the all-star still gets carded at bars. His youthful looks cast understandable suspicions from servers and bouncers who aren’t big sports fans. This exact scenario happened once while Curry ordered a beer with his wife at a California Pizza Kitchen. The waitress took one look at his baby face and needed to check if he was really over 21.

19. Back to the Tasty Grind

Before a big game, Curry can at least expect a delicious treatment at home. His wife Ayesha cooks him a specialty pre-game meal of lean protein and pasta. This regimen also includes a two-hour power nap and carefully selected music playlist of Lecrae and Swedish House Mafia.

20. Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Right before a big (high school) game, a teenaged Curry busted his own head open out of sheer excitement. During a locker room chant, he started jumping up and down, hitting his forehead hard enough to need stitches.

21. Lucky 7s Come in Twos

During a three-point shot practice, Steph Curry made 77 successful treys in a row. Not only that: he got 94/100 overall. Need a comparison? His contemporary, Klay Thompson, is also considered one of the greatest shooters in the history of basketball—and Thompson’s in-a-row record is only 36.

22. The Student Doesn’t Always Become the Master

Many all-star NBA players go on to coach after retirement—but not Curry. He has expressed plans to retire at the age of 38 and then leave the court for good. The time commitment involved in being a coach is just too much for him.

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